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Ready to launch your podcast’s debut season? Podcast Smart Launch is your comprehensive guide through every step of the process. Worried about the success of your inaugural season? Let our expert guidance, thorough training, and efficient solutions alleviate your concerns.

Launching your first season shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Discover how to elevate your production quality, craft compelling narratives, and execute effective marketing strategies. With our support, your debut season will stand out in the competitive audio & video landscape.

Seize control of your podcasting journey with confidence. Build a captivating narrative and foster a dedicated audience with Podcast Smart Launch by your side.

What We Offer

Become A Podcaster

Enhance your podcasting skills with our specialized training in clear communication and engaging storytelling. Learn to craft captivating episode arcs and integrate compelling narratives that keep your audience hooked from start to finish.

Show Development

Embark on a seamless podcast creation journey with comprehensive support for every step. From crafting artwork and descriptions to planning episodes and delivering polished openings and closings, we ensure a cohesive, professional experience. Gain tips on ad reads and emerging tech for an exceptional podcast from start to finish!

Quality Recording Equipment

Your booking comes with the use of our professional recording gear, including top-notch microphones, headphones, and a sound mixing console. This equipment is maintained to ensure your podcast audio is captured crisply and clearly.

Content Strategy

Boost your podcast’s success with a tailored launch strategy. Our expert guidance ensures consistent episode releases, captivating your audience and fostering long-term loyalty.

Strategic Strategy

Unlock the secrets to running your podcast effectively. Learn guest collaboration, show management, and content consistency. Avoid podfade and burnout to build a thriving podcast with loyal listeners.

Business Consulting & Marketing

Start your content marketing journey and you will learn the basics to market your podcast. Learn to engage your audience effectively across various channels. Through our partner company Creative Quality Marketing, access a comprehensive marketing plan for building a loyal podcast community.

What Is Included?

One Trailer Recording Session

Begin your podcasting adventure with our expert-led 1 Trailer Recording Session, designed to kickstart your show with impact. Whether audio-only or audio & video, this professionally produced trailer lays the foundation for your podcast’s launch and distribution. Shape a captivating introduction that encapsulates your show’s essence and draws in potential listeners. This refined trailer marks the initial pivotal stride in carving your presence in the podcasting realm.

Launch Plan & Strategy Meeting

Receive a customized launch plan outlining clear steps for publishing your trailer on your selected podcast hosting platform, with options for YouTube for video trailers. Our comprehensive roadmap guarantees broad exposure for your show across major distribution outlets such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and others. Furthermore, we’ll assist you in developing a sustainable strategy for recording, producing, and releasing episodes, tailored to fit your hectic schedule.

Build Your Own Set

Customize your podcasting environment to suit your unique style and vision with our versatile production set options. From adjusting lighting to incorporating your own props, our flexible setup allows you to create the perfect backdrop for your podcast recordings. Whether you prefer a cozy atmosphere or a professional studio look, we’re here to bring your ideas to life and ensure your podcasting space reflects your personality and brand.

Record & Produce Season

After outlining a production schedule and episode content, recording sessions will be scheduled and conducted, ensuring high-quality audio capture. Post-production involves meticulous editing, adding music and effects, and ensuring consistency across episodes. Once finalized, episodes are distributed through chosen platforms, accompanied by promotional efforts. Analytics are monitored to gauge performance and provide insights for future iterations. Through these steps, your service delivers a polished and engaging 10-episode season tailored to the client’s vision and audience.

Logo-Intro & Music

Boost your podcast’s visual appeal with custom-designed show artwork & logo created by our talented designer, reflecting your unique concept. Collaborate with our team to produce an eye-catching logo & visuals that capture your show’s essence and attract your target audience. This captivating artwork not only enhances your brand presence but also ensures your podcast stands out and grabs attention among others. Plus, we offer tailored music choices to complement your podcast’s atmosphere and enhance listener engagement.

On-Demand Meetings

Need to discuss your podcast strategy or troubleshoot an issue? Schedule an on-demand meeting with our podcast service team! Whether it’s refining your content plan or addressing technical concerns, our experts are ready to assist you at your convenience. Simply book a session, and we’ll work together to keep your podcast on track for success.

Full 10 Episode Season


✓  10 Episode Muli-Cam 4K Podcast

  25-45 Minute Edited Episodes

  1hr-Recording Studio Time Blocks

  Distribution to Streaming Platforms

* $50 Per Guest Speaker, Per episode

* $50 Per Episode More Than 1h


Single Episode / Content Day


1hr-Recording Studio Time Block

25-45 Minute 4K Episode or Content

Distribution to Streaming Platforms

Perfect for Content Creators, Special Episodes, Storytellers, or Events.

* $50 Per Guest Speaker, Per episode

* $50 Per Episode More Than 1h

A Glimpse into the Variety of Shows We Produce

Based on 7 reviews
Marie Cas
Marie Cas
The kindest people so grateful that they’re helping me fulfill my goals !
Amanda Mondesir
Amanda Mondesir
This is an incredible team. Hudson Valley Podcasting provides an outstanding platform for opportunity for voices in the community to be amplified. I am so very grateful to have found Hudson Valley Podcasting to record and bring my vision to light! Gracias por todo!!! Siempre.
I absolutely love, love, love them! From the first phone call very communicative and personable! I’m now into my 6th episode and would do it all over again- love the sets, the personalities and even the dog- very welcoming! If you don’t have a podcast joinnnn and get one with them!!! The best!! Highly recommend 1000/1000!!! Best experience ever!!!
Jessica LoVerme
Jessica LoVerme
The service was excellent! It was nicely decorated and super cozy! Great experience overall.
Samantha Urban
Samantha Urban
Great experience at this local podcasting studio! Staff is great to work with.
L. Frank Urban
L. Frank Urban
Great Venue. Beautifully decorated. Staff is professional and accommodating. Strongly recommend.
Superfly Gillie
Superfly Gillie
Hudson Valley Podcasting is the go to place to build your business and be creative. As an individual that experienced all the lights, camera, and action that this place has to offer. You will not be disappointed! There professionalism is like no other, and the team is very well versed in there specific fields. I highly recommend this business to everyone! 💯